Week 1 of Premium Curling League! September 22, 2010!

The first day of Premium League started with a brief speech from President Brent Pierce welcoming teams back!! New to the league this year is Team Klymchuk and Team Schnieder!!

September 22, 2010 PCL Results:

Sheet 1: Geall vs. Schneider

Geall 9
Schneider 3

Sean Geall’s squad of third Grant Dezura, second Kevin Recksiedler, and lead Darin Laface hit Schnieder nation’s “G-Spot” hard with a 9-3 beating. Rookie team Schnieder had a few close calls but put them on the wrong side of the inch. They may have been intimidated by Geall’s attempt at outing Norway’s wild curling pants with some trendy ones of their own! Congrats Team Geall on an excellent performance in the Cloverdale Open Spiel.

Sheet 2: :Kopf vs. Grasdal

Kopf 7
Grasdal 3

Veteran team of Dale Grasdal, Bruce Law, and Greg Monkman couldn’t quite hold off the young gun Team Kopf in a 7-3 loss. Grasdal started out nice with a deuce in end 1 but gave it right back in end 2 followed up by a Kopf steal of 2 in the 3rd end. Whatever the score, it was nice to catch some pointers from Greg Monkman’s sweeping technique!

Sheet 3: :Tasaka vs. Pughe

Tasaka 6
Pughe 1

Rick Pughe’s team with Johnny Cash look a like third John Zwarych was singing “cry cry cry” after a 6-1 loss against Team Tasaka. Team Tasaka continued their stellar play from the previous week’s Cloverdale spiel where they made the Semi-Finals. Watch out for hot shot making skip Adina whose recent rendezvous with Mickey Mouse in Disneyland has put some pep in her step!!

Sheet 4: Kedziora vs. Pierce

Pierce 9
Kedziora 4

PCL President and former World Champion Brent Pierce and his new squad of Paul Cseke, Jay Wakefield, and John Cullen opened with a win against Team Kedziora. A Pierce steal of 3 in the 1st end was not the start Mr. Kedz was hoping for. However, they were pleased to see fellow teammate Dwayne Uyede back on the ice after an achilles heel injury kept him out last year. Good luck to both teams this year! Most importantly, good luck to Paul, Jay, and John ;)

Sheet 5: Bilesky vs. Law

Bilesky 7
Law 4

With an Asian and a Frenchie on the team, Team Bilesky’s multi-cultural quad crew was to hot to handle for Team Kelley Law. Bilesky broke out with a four ball in the 4th end to go up early. Team Law did climb back including a nice tap to the four-foot by Law in 6th end and a steal of 1. Ultimately, Team Bilesky with coach Craig Lightbody looking on was forecful enough to snag the win!

Sheet 6: Miki vs. Klymchuk

Miki 7
Klymchuk 2

Former BC Junior Champs Team Tyler Klyumchuk played hard against Team Bryan Miki in an intense back and forth match. However, Miki came up big with a four ball in the 8th end for the win. Perhaps the 8th end was a little past Team Klyumchuk’s bed time and they couldn’t quite compete. Better luck against Team Frycz next week!

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