PCL: Round 1 Playoffs

Last night at the Royal City Curling Club the playoffs began after a long premium league season! PLEASE NOTE the SEMI-FINALS will be played Wednesday March 9th, 2011 (9pm) and the FINALS will be played THURSDAY March 31st, 2011 to coincide with the men’s and women’s league finals as agreed upon at June’s AGM.

The Premium League Board of Directors encourage all teams to make an appearance for the Finals on March 31st! This is a “social” night where members of all leagues unite to cheer on the top teams of the year as they battle it out in the Finals!

**Please be advised the Premium League will be announcing the date of the year end AGM soon – please refer back to the website for this date**

Quarter – Final Results:

Sheet 2: :Kopf vs. :Gradsal

Kopf 5 – Grasdal 3

Recap: Team Grasdal started strong scoring 1 point in the 2nd end followed up by a steal of 2 points in the 3rd end. However, mid way through the game team Grasdal began to show their age giving team Kopf steals in the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th ends. The viewing gallery may have mistaken them for a Master’s team after throwing the wrong colored rock…..Congratulations to team Kopf who now face team Miki in the Semi-Finals.

Sheet 3: Bilesky vs. Kedziora

Bilesky 6 – Kedziora 5

Recap: Team Bilesky, known for their animated team dynamics, where is fine form for draw 1 of the premium league playoffs. Team Kedziora who brought Jay Peachy out of retirement, unfortunately felt the karma of having a spare losing on a pick on the final shot. Congratulations to both teams who competed well all year in the league.

Sheet 5: Geall vs. :Frycz

Geall 5 – Frycz 2

Recap: After a disappointing performance at the Men’s Provincials in Vernon, team Geall’s G-spot Nation was a guns a blazing against team Frycz in the quarter-finals. Team Frycz was over shadowed by Darin Laface and Grant Dezura’s scintillating curling delivery’s (and shiny heads too) en route to a 5 – 2 loss. Team Geall faces team Bilesky in the other Semi-Final.

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