PCL League History

The Premium Curling League (PCL) was founded in 1993 at the Royal City Curling Club (RCCC). During the past 12 seasons, the PCL has strived to create the best competitive curling league in British Columbia.

The PCL primary goal is to provide a venue for the top teams to compete on a weekly basis throughout a 15 game schedule. PCL teams have used this competition as a basis for their competitive curling seasons including World Curling Tour (WCT) events, Tim Hortons Brier, Scott Tournament of Hearts, Ford World Championships and 2002 Winter Olympics.

Some of the past accomplishments of our teams included:

Women’s Provincial Champions
2007 Kelley Law, Georgina Wheatcroft, Shannon Alecksic, Darah Provencal
2004 Georgina Wheatcroft, Diane McLean, Shellan Reed, Diane Dezura
2000 Kelley Law, Julie Skinner, Georgina Wheatcroft, Diane Dezura
1997 Kelley Law, Marla Mallett, Sherry Fraser, Christine Jurgenson
1995 Marla Mallett, Kelley Law, Sherry Fraser, Christine Jurgenson

Men’s Provincial Champions
2013 Andrew Bilesky, Steve Kopf, Derek Errington, Aaron Watson
2009 Sean Geall, Brent Pierce, Kevin Recksiedler, Mark Olson
2004 Jay Peachy, Ron Leech, Kevin Recksiedler, Brad Fenton
2000 Greg McAulay, Brent Pierce, Bryan Miki, Jody Sviestrup
1998 Greg McAulay, Brent Pierce, Bryan Miki, Darin Fenton

Junior Provincial Champions
2013 Tyler Klymchuk, Corey Chester, Sanjay Bowry, Rhys Gamache
2009 Bryan Kedziora, Derek Errington, Cal Jackson, Tyler Mackenzie
2008 Jay Wakefield, Chase Martyn, Paul Cseke, Jamie Danbrook
2007 Bryan Kedziora, Derek Errington, Mike Goerz, Tyler Mackenzie
2001 Andrew Bilesky, Dan McCaughan, Irwin Lee, Corey Baxter

The facility at the RCCC has also provided our members with unlimited access to the club including practice ice and special event support including the annual Key West Ford Curl for Kids 2 on 2 Carspiel.

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